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Joy a blogger, a meditation and spiritual Guru (Teacher), a speaker, a sage, a Yogi, a spiritual personality, a thinker, a writer, a healer, a movie maker, a story teller,

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I write from my personal experience and knowledge I have gained through my spiritual journey. Always try to solve problems and questions using the resources gifted to me. If you have any questions or looking for a solution then just don’t hesitate to get in touch through my Social links.

We write blogs on meditation, spirituality, meta physics, wellness. Follow our blog, as it will help you in your personal development, self healing, transformation, spiritual development, and solve problems, questions as well.

We teach to meditate, 3rd eye meditation, self healing, spiritual development, personal development, online as well as onsite. Check our courses.

Come and Join us in our journey, and transform your life.

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