Astral Projection

Learn to do Astral Travel

Awakenplus, presents online course on will full out of body movement or OBE or Astral Projection using Meditation. In Hindu concept of spirituality every human has two bodies. The inner body called ‘Sukkha Sharir’ the tiny body and other one is known as ‘Sthulo Sharir’ the larger body or outer body.

Indian Yogis practices will fully out of body movement from ancient past to obtain experience, knowledge and for spiritual reasons. They make travel using their tiny body.

This short course will teach you the exact technique of OBE through Meditation.

Course is designed in text and images.

Curriculum will include

  • Imaging technique

  • Basic Meditation

  • Astral Projection Exercise

Course Fee: US$70 (Equivalent currencies)

(Course fee is Non Refundable)


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