Astral Projection is a myth?

Astral Projection

Many of us heard about the Astral Projection or AP, what is this all about? In Spiritual world, it is being referred as wilful movement of soul from the sleeping or meditating body, and through which one (traveler) can perform many of the unimaginable things like traveling, watching, information gathering, appear before a devotee and so on.

Is it really possible to make wilful movement from the sleeping or meditating body? There is any truthful evidence of such an event?

During British Raj, in India there was a famous Yogi, living. His name was Shyama Charan Lahiri. He was a prominent spiritual Guru and famous in all over the spiritual world as Lahiri Mahashay.

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He was a senior Clarke in a Railway company. One day, his British boss told him that he was very much anxious to know that the news about his wife. When he left London for India, then his wife was very sick. Shyama Charan, sat on meditation and travelled to his wife using wilful spiritual movement and found her, that she was sailing to India with good health. After the meditation, he told his British boss, that his wife had recovered and coming to India. Later when the boss’s wife arrived to India, and watching Lahiri Mahasaya she told her husband (the boss), saw him before, in front of her cabin on ship deck. This is a well-known story among the spiritual world in India.

How this astral projection happens, what ancient text described?

The Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and many other religions believe that, we have two bodies. One is called sthulo Sharir (outer / big body) and sukkho Sharir (inner or tiny body). The person who practices deep meditation in advance level can wilfully bring out the sukkho Sharir or tiny body (in English) from the big or outer body. They use to carry on the outward movement by the nose, top of head, ear or chest and can venture out of the body then move faster than light. During this phenomenon, the body gets froze, type of paralysis taken over. It has been instructed that during this, no one is allowed to touch the meditator. If anyone does, then the person in meditation can collapse or even die.

If a person wants to do AP, then he or she needs to learn advanced-level deep meditation, which involves imagination, visualization, and maneuvering techniques. However, sometimes it happens automatically or accidentally during sleep known as sleep paralysis. As the tiny body moves out without proper knowledge and technique, it gets puzzled or stressed. During this period, some bad and troubled souls can get inside the outer body and makes disturbance in the inner system of consciousness. Which leads the visualisation of demon, unimaginable things and this may harm the projector in mentally or physically.

It is always recommended that one should learn advanced deep meditation under a Teacher or Guru to make and manage AP. A guide can train in proper ways of Astral Projection, without harming body, soul and consciousness.

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