Online Courses

Learn to Meditate (Online)

2 weeks online Guided Meditation Program for freshers & beginners. Here you will learn to meditate, basics of Inner Reprograming Meditation based on Flin, step by step, Practice session with online support.

Academic Excellence Meditation (Online)

30 Days Academic Excellence meditation program for students community. Make them excellent learner and achieve better score in the examination.

Awakening Meditation (Online)

And online meditation course, which triggers spiritual awakening faster than expected.

Manifesting Meditation (Online)

60 Days Manifesting Meditation to achieve spiritual, meta physical, wellness, materialistic and transformational goals.

Soul’s Communication / Telepathy (Online)

30 days online Intensive training for telepathic communication.

Astral Projection (Online)

Online course on will full out of body movement or Astral Projection through meditation.

Spiritual Meditation (Online)

Meditation is an exercise of mind, spiritually speaking a preparation or grooming to pray to God. Learn to Meditate and make your prayer accepted. Pray to your God directly without a medium.

Self Healing (Online)

90 Days Self Healing Meditation Program to learn self healing techniques. It will cure as well as control your chronic and general pain, arthritis, HIV, cancer, asthma, tumour, plus many diseases without or little medication.

3rd Eye Meditation (Online)

Third Eye is the gateway to transform your life. It is similar to a spiritual enlightenment.

45 Days Third Eye Meditation Program for basic level learners.