7 Untold Secrets of Spiritual Enlightenment

We all have heard about spiritual enlightenment. What is it and why this is happening? We will know the untold secrets of enlightenment here.

1) Siddhi, Samadhi, Nirvana, or spiritual Enlightenments are all same of different words from respective languages and cultures. It means the realization of a knowledge, here spiritual knowledge. Precisely saying achieving or attaining or the ultimate understanding of the quest for spiritual consciousness.

2) Enlightenment is not everyone’s bread, and it is always predestined and happens for reasons of spiritual importance. In many occasions, it has been forecasted of the arrival of the enlightened being.

In two to three centuries maximum one or two person gets enlightened. Today’s world many claimed to be enlightened, in fact, they are not. One cannot claim to be enlightened, once you claim it means you have ego and with it; actually you de-enlightened yourself.

In Indian mythology, we have read stories of Asuras and Rakshas. They used to get enlightened, and felt like God and destroyed themselves by their own.

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3) Enlighten persons are the force of the God to fight the devil. God and anti God (devil) are fighting from the beginning of the creation (the typical hero and villain story). Anti God is the negative energy of the God. It creates distractions of thoughts in the quest of the consciousness. It put hurdles or barriers to delay in the journey for the quest.

4) Enlightenment comes with numerous celestial supernatural gifts. One soul gets multiple enlightenments all through its journey to reach ultimate spiritual consciousness. Which can be referred as ultimate knowledge accomplishment. The gifts represent as awards or rewards and mark of the enlightenment, or a degree. These gifts actually are supernatural powers given to the enlightened person to fulfil his / her goal to attain absolute spiritual consciousness. In later births, these powers remain intact and the Yogi reborn or reincarnate with that gift from birth or can unlock it with meditation or triggering events.

5) Enlightenment draws many enemies. It is the concept of fighting between the devil and the God. These enemies are not ordinary people. They actually are part of the devil usually are determined to kill the Yogi by any means available to them to make him or her defeated from the desired goals (ultimate spiritual consciousness). They have actually born with the purpose of the ultimate destruction of the creation and they try indefinitely till their end. Sometimes they also surrender at their will, on defeat or self realization. Though this devil’s act actually helps Yogis to unlock the cosmic power, they received through previous enlightenments, as well as it acts as catalytic hurdles to obtain further enlightenments. When the enlightened Yogi obtains or unlocks all the powers from the Pandora Box, and achieves the desired enlightenment, then the cycle completed and the purpose of the devil ended with the final judgment. This celestial supernatural power is given to enlightened Yogis to secure his or her journey to achieve their goals for ultimate spiritual consciousness. In the beginning a Yogi usually not aware of the enemies and their misdeeds but later stage realized everything and protect self. From the beginning of the creation, it is happening and repeating over and over again.

6) Obtaining enlightenment is a big hurdle. Only pre chosen people are eligible to go for it. Without a Teacher or Guru, this enlightenment mission cannot be accomplished. Usually, a guide appears before the choice person from nowhere and guides him or her to Meditate, and provide a celestial mantra called ‘Biz Mantra’. The seat to perform meditation is a special sit created for the purpose of the enlightenment. The guide direct the choosen person to sit for meditation and meditate with the Biz Mantra for an indefinite period of time. One to get enlightened needs to utter the holy mantra for 0.3 million times at a stretch, is considered the easiest path. There are other divine rituals for obtaining enlightenments. Sometimes a Yogi finds his or her guidance from a vision instead of a Teacher or Guru.

7) Many people try to get enlightenment at their own will, and in that journey if they get distracted by the illusion created by the devils. Then they fall into the great sufferings and pains.

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