Meditation can make you fearless.

Fear and phobias

Ordinary people always fear ghost, and they believe that ghost lives in cremation ground. They never visit it without a reason and alone.

Indian Yogis used to roam in the cremation grounds during midnight. Even some of them stayed there alone. Also it has been found that they are living with different rodents carelessly. It is now a great mystery, that how they roam or stay in such fearsome places fearlessly? These fearless acts developed numerous stories and gossip. What powers they got, to stay or roam among the ghost?
Many fear spiders, other insects and it’re a common problem of the large number of people.

Fear also responsible for the anxiety disorder which leads to experience extreme, irritating fear about a living creature, or an object or a situation, is known as phobia. Are there any way to get rid of fear and phobia?

Meditation can cure fear and phobia, how it does?

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What Science tells on meditation?

The physiologically speaking we are actually loosening the connections of particular neural links or pathways using meditation.

Normally there’s a section in our brains, known as the Me Center. In technical term it is known as, ‘medial prefrontal cortex’. It processes information relating to ourselves and our experiences. The neural pathways from the bodily sensation and fear centers of the brain to the Me Center are really strong. When we experience a scary event or upsetting sensation, it triggers a strong reaction to our Me Centre, in result we will feel scared, nervous, anxious and under attack.

When we meditate, we weaken this neural connection. This means that we don’t react as strongly to sensations that might have once lit up our Me Centers. As this connection gets weaken, simultaneously it strengthens the connection between what’s known as our Assessment Center (the part of our brains known for reasoning) and our bodily sensation and fear centers. So when the mediator experience scary or upsetting sensations, then he /she can more easily look at them rationally rather getting into it.


The other words.

Meditation triggers pre spiritual awakening stage in the mind of the meditator. It is basically an awareness state, which brings a realization of the spirit world parallel to ours. The mediator’s mind accepts them as neighbours rather fears.

Furthermore, a new feelings and understandings of rodent, insects, all living creatures and plants arise. Therefore, they don’t feel scary while seeing them suddenly.

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