What is God?


God must be Godzilla. In human understanding, God is big, someone bigger and extraordinary than man. In different ancient culture and religion, God has been described as some large entity with superhuman abilities.

They detailed him with multiple hands, heads and eyes. He rules the heaven, and his abode is close to the human settlements. In Greek mythology, God lives in Olympus mountain and Indian context he sits on Kailas.

So he must be an earthly being or something who takes the human birth and like to live in mountains, or it attracts him. We termed the humanoid form of God as an avatar.

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Multiple hands probably refer multi tasking abilities. Heads should be many lives and in eyes, we already know the third eye as the eye of spiritual wisdom. Lord Shiva has third-eye. So the God should be someone looks like a common man, and he must be here on earth.

If we look into the mythological reference, then we found that there is no single God but many of them. However, someone among them is considered superior or primary. Which is, at the beginning, there was one, who created a family of Gods and Goddesses. Later, he created everything, including human.

A Godly experience

Few years back I went for travel in a nearby temple town close to my city. However, I am not a regular temple visitor rather an architectural admirer. Even I had no plan to travel.

My brother is a doctor of internal medicine and has his private practice in that region. He insisted me to a short trip during winter. So I accompanied my brother’s wife (sister-in-law) and his son to the trip.

My brother arranged a local person to guide us during our trip to look around. We visited numerous places, including some enlightened renowned Yogi’s graveyard, cremation ground. Then he took us a place called Mallarpur Shiva Temple.

It was an old renovated temple complex built by the Malla Kings of Bishnupur (located in Birbhum district of West Bengal, India). When we reached the temple gate, found a middle-aged man was standing in front of the gate. He told me that “oh you have arrived,”. I surprised and asked that did you knew that we were coming. He replied that I am waiting for you only.

He told me that temple was closed for general visitors. I said then we should leave. He explained that I was allowed . He told that, I knew that you are a non believer. He took us to every corner of the temple. I took multiple photographs of the old temple architecture.

Then I told him, we could leave now. He requested me to wait for a while and ran inside the temple. I thought he might request for a donation. I was waiting and thinking of the donation amount. He called me from back. I found him with a plate full of Payesh (a traditional Bengali dish of sweet rice pudding).

He requested me to extend my right palm, and he poured the entire portion there. He again requested me to eat. So I tried some portion by licking. Suddenly, he told me to stop, I thought there was something inside the pudding. He took back all my halves eaten rice pudding again on his plate.

Afterwards he shouted, “come everyone,” and I saw nearly a hundred people made a long queue in front of him. After that he distributed my half eaten pudding to all the people as puja prasad, and he took a portion as well. I tried to intervene, saying that this is unhygienic.

No one heard of me. The main priest told me that he would take thousand births to have half eaten food (puja prasad) from me. I was shocked and asked for an explanation. He told me that he had a dream and in his dream, he saw me, and he heard a voice too.

Where someone told him that Shiva had reincarnated as a non believer common man, and coming to the temple, also instructed him to worship me as Lord Shiva. So he organised an event like this. That incident actually moved me.

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