How to activate 3rd Eye?

Trinayan or third eye is one of most important aspect of Spiritual Enlightenment. It’s considered one the primary pillar of enlightenment journeys of self or spiritual liberation.

Third eye reference was first surfaced with the Hindu God Lord Shiva. One who has his or her third eye activated are called Trikalagga or Trikalgani or a time traveler. Which is one who has the knowledge of three time frame past, present and future.

How to open or activate third eye?

There is a misconception on basis of a hypothesis. Where Pineal gland of human brain is considered as third-eye.

Originally Pineal gland is an endocrine gland and secrets hormone. It actually regulates sleep and wake cycles in human body.

Third eye meditation

Our physical eyes are not endocrine glands. It secretes tears not hormones. Many people claim that if you put pressure on forehead in between two eyebrows then the Pineal gland (third-eye) gets activated.

However, between two eyebrows there is no physical eye located. Neither the Pineal gland is third-eye.

What is Third eye?

Third eye is not a realistic eye, rather soul’s eye. Soul does not possess a physical body, so it’s eye can’t be physical element.

Forehead is a physical body part, has no link with soul.

So putting pressure will yield nothing, besides physical sensations. Leads to sinusitis pain, nerve pain, headache, tingling on forehead, even migraine can wake up.

Likewise, Kundalini Chakras. Those are not physical body parts rather part of the soul body.

If anyone cut off human body (bi-section), then he/she will fail to locate any such Chakras inside. Because they are not physical body components.

So, what they actually are?

We have a soul body parallel to our physical body. In Hindu spiritual text it has been described as “Sthulo Sharir” or outer body. And the second one is “Sukkha Sharir” or the Tiny body.

Why tiny body? Because soul is the tiniest element in body. It is actually soul’s body or called mindful body.

Physical body operates through brain. Whereas the mind controls the soul body. And the consciousness is the bridge between two.

Chakras are located in our soul body positions parallel to our physical body elements.

Third eye can be activated through a specialized meditation technique. That is a mindful exercise (exercise of mind) but not physical. And which is known as Third eye meditation.

Third eye meditation, synchronize two bodies and trigger souls eye through consciousness exercise leads activation.

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