6 Secrets of deep sleep you need to know.

In today’s fast moving world, probably the biggest wellness issue is insomnia, the sleep disorder. Millions of people are getting affected every year all over the world. It usually happens due to poor sleeping habits, anxiety, depression, sedentary lifestyle, chronic illness, intensive use of mobile phone, and digital devices.

1) Lack of physical exercise has a great impact over our body and mind. Our body produces various toxins every day, and these are considered the main reason for insomnia. While we exercise, the toxins’ drain out of our body with sweating and detoxify us. You can choose any sort of physical workout, which includes freehand, walking, cycling, swimming, climbing on stairs, running, bodybuilding, yoga, etc.

2) Smart phones have occupied most of our daily schedules. It is possibly the second biggest issue causing insomnia. Magnetic radiations from smart phones are so powerful that it can turn pop kernel into popcorn puffs. Then imagine how it affects our brains. Don’t use any phone or digital devices at least half an hour before your sleep.

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3) One of the biggest causes of insomnia is anxiety and stress. In anxiety, the ‘medial prefrontal cortex’ is known as Me Center (responsible for bodily sensations and fear) lit up by upsetting sensations. Meditation weakens the neural pathway to Me Center and simultaneously strengthens the connection between assessment center and our bodily sensation and fear centers. Which lead us to look at the sensations deep inside rather rationally.

More precisely speaking a meditator looses realistic or practical consciousness, which lead you to observe things rather getting into it.

4) Meditation boosts melatonin, the sleep chemical produced by the Pineal gland, which regulates our sleep and wakefulness. A study by the University of Massachusetts Medical Center’s Stress Reduction and Relaxation Program shown that people meditate before a sleep at night had increased their Melatonin level. While those didn’t meditated their Melatonin levels not been increased. So, if you meditate before a sleep, then you can raise your melatonin naturally without a medication.

5) Meditation is the greatest relaxation mechanism we have. Research shown that a meditator produces large alpha, theta and delta brainwaves boosting deep relaxation and deep sleep.

6) Future worries used to occupy more of our mind and popping up during, we go into a sleep. Meditation reduces the amount of daydreaming by bring us to present and condense our mind.

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