Manifest your desires

In this universe, almost everything is someway interconnected through a magnetic power. And one can attract the other, through individual consciousness manifestation. For this, one must need to align & synchronize brain, consciousness & the universe.

Alignment & synchronization can only be done through reprograming of consciousness & brain. Specialized mind controlling meditation can do that reprograming possible.

Usually we able to access or use only 5-7% of our brain and consciousness. The Reprograming enhance that percentage and one can turn himself or herself into a super human.

The next big step is manifestation & influence. We have proven manifestation and influencing techniques to draw or drag or attract or achieve all your materialistic goals.

Step by step proven program includes Meditation learning, Brain and Consciousness Reprograming, Synchronization, Channeling techniques, Manifestation, and Influencing.

Fulfill all your desires for

Wealth: money, car, boat, jewellery, property, private jet.

Wellness: long and healthy life, Cure from Diseases

Relationship: Sexual relationship, companionship, compatibility, desired partner.

Protection: Safety, care. Protection for self and loved ones.

Comfort: Comfortable living condition

Pleasure: Enjoy food, beverages and experience

Popularity: To look attractive or magnetic, Image management, knowledge management, speaking skills, drawing attention

Job / Career: Better and desired job or assignment, job continuity, successful career,

Travel / Relocation: Desired foreign trip, Relocation

Education: Better and desired education, qualify in examination, better ranking,

Sixty (60) days online program contains meditation learning , with Flin technique involving mind controlling variables. Brain and Consciousness reprogramming exercise, Synchronization, Channeling techniques,

Exclusive manifestation and influencing exercise for any one of the desire or wish mentioned above. Extra single program will cost you extra.

Course Fees

US$1000 (Equivalent currency) |


Special Offer

US$500 (Equivalent currency) |


(Every extra program will cost you US$160 / ₹7500 extra.)

Payment Plan

You can pay in one go or pay by equal interest free instalments. 4 monthly instalments. (Terms)

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Online course materials, Image slides, video, podcast are available online and no need to download anything. A student can login anytime to practice respective exercises he/she wants.


Universe is a vast container holding everything tight. Almost everything is someway interconnected through a magnetic power/ force.

This magnetic force sometimes draws meteorite, asteroids, space rocks towards earth. Then we describe it as the gravitational force.

Everyone of us has some sort of magnetic power inside. And using it we able to draw numerous things, thoughts, and people. Make wish come true is a common phenomenon. Almost everyone of us have experienced it.

The law of attraction is based on the principle of this magnetic force. Manifestation meditation is a technique to align us with the universe, which lead us to achieve materialistic, spiritual and transformational goals.

It is an age old technique for achieving complete transformation. In ancient past people, Asuras, Rakshas in Indian subcontinent used manifestation meditation to achieve spiritual, and materialistic goals. You will find more about them in mythological records.

Because of the development of internet services and social media. Manifestation, is now a popular word. But, manifestation meditation is a systematic method of achieving goals. Without it manifestation is just a word.


We are teaching meditations for over twenty (20) years.

For teaching meditation, we use Flin system. Developed by extensive research and analysis. It is the most user’s friendly method for achieving wellness, self healing, absolute consciousness, spirituality, Pandora Box opening, transformation and etc.

Meditation has numerous benefits available to you, only when you learn and practice it correctly from a Teacher or Guru. You will find many people explaining have zero benefits after practicing meditation.

Manifesting meditation is a systematic method to make dreams come true. Our method has been proven by realistic applications.

Learning meditation is not that simple, as described by various netizens (if you google, you will find many articles as “meditation is simple”).

During the exercise you will experience many things, face mental blocking, physical hazards, and many questions. If you do it without proper guidance then you may end up with troubles. Only a true teacher can guide you and give you right solutions.

We not only teach you once, in two weeks, but will guide you as long as you will continue your meditation. Help you solve your problems and questions through private chat.

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