How, to Meditate on daily basis?

The biggest question is how to start meditation every day? And how to make it a regular routine? You can meditate anywhere and in any time.

However, to meditate you will need to know its benefits and why you will need it. Benefits are numerous. I classified them under three broad sections.

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The first one is wellness or self-healing. Second is spiritual development and the third will be life transformation. All mental-health problems or illness can be cured through meditation naturally. It is a trigger or path or an instrument for spiritual consciousness and development. It can help in self-improvement and personal development to transform one’s life. Which has its direct impact on career, future, life and relationships.

Now the second big part. Which is why you need it? You have to check or judge what you want? Is it healing? Say you are stressed, anxious, can’t control anger, depression, always fear.

Then you have two alternatives to choose from. One, you can go to a doctor and have separate medication for respective illness. Two, opt for a single natural solution and which is meditation.

Again if you want to have spiritual development. Then either you have it since, your birth or you need to trigger it with meditation. And there is no other alternative.

You want to be smart, intelligent, attractive, magnetic, want to develop your focusing, concentration, improves decision making, creative thinking, analysis, information processing. All are vital and important for your self-improvement and career development. Meditation, is the single natural solution, which will groom you to be a completely new person.

These are the goals, and you have to find out your own goals. Then it will be easier for you to chase.

Meditation is the exercise of mind, and you need to learn it from a Teacher or Guru like workout, yoga, etc.. And then you need to practice it on a regular basis to have all the benefits.

Like other exercises, you have to fix up certain time parameters for practicing. Usually when you feel fresh and energetic then it will be your perfect time.

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