Meditation Redefined

Meditation Redefined

Meditation or Dhyana is a mind controlling exercise, to attain self realization, spiritual liberation, consciousness, awakening and enlightenment.

Where an individual uses a technique or techniques, such as focusing their mind on a particular object, thought, image, and activity, with chanting of sounds or vibration (Mantra, Name, and etc.) loudly or silently in mind using breathing techniques. Achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state or blanking off the mind.

Meditation benefits are numerous which include reducing of stress, anxiety, depression, fears and pain, and increasing peace, perception, self realization, and well-being.

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Meditation practice improves concentration, focusing, enhance skill development, helps you pick up skills and knowledge quickly, controls anger, depression, increase tolerance.

It also helps in understanding of the surrounding, nature and create a relationship with the plants and animals around you. Also help you understand the matter, space and time.

The spiritual aspect is much greater than these. When you will practice deeper meditation under a Teacher, then you will attain different stages of consciousness.

Which can be described as spiritual liberation, consciousness, self – realization, awakening, and enlightenment. Though enlightenment is the ultimate and toughest. Perhaps one or two person (Avatar or Demi God) able to attain this in two to three centuries span.

The deeper meditation opens the Pandora box of super natural powers. You will have activated, those you achieved in your previous births and gain new ones.

Super natural power can be better described as power of the Gods. Which are:

1) Forsee future and past events (time travel),

2) Word won’t fail,

3) Curing disease of others

4) Self healing,

5) See through,

6) Immortality or longer life,

5) Reading someone’s mind,

6) Controlled intuition,

7) Realization of God,

8) Communicate with awaken minds,

9) Obtain knowledge and skills unknown to you,

10) Super physical strength that average man don’t have,

11) Unnatural skills (similar to magical power),

12) Voice of command,

13) Exchange and control flow of physical energy,

14) Magnetism,

15) Development of a protecting shield around you which will protect you from any sort of negative energy, and black magic fall on you. Or simply speaking no one can harm you. If someone tries that will affect badly on them instead. etc.

16) and many.

You need to learn and practice deeper meditation with the help of a Guru or Teacher. He/she will guide you to the path of awakening and may your Pandora box will get open and you will be gifted with some super natural powers. (read true stories on super natural powers, in upcoming blogs)

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