19 Mystical Powers one can get through Meditation

Mystical Powers of Meditation

One can get mystical powers of God through meditation. What you will achieve, remain with you in all your later incarnations. Therefore, power you have received in your past lives will be available to you since birth or kept stored in your Pandora box and will be activated when you require it. Herewith, we will discuss on that powers.

Meditation is the process of Tapa or salvation. Without it your spiritual journey cannot be completed. But, mystical powers of God can be achieved through sacred rituals of meditation and that can be gained from a Guru only.

I just mentioned only few mystical powers of God those have been experienced by common people. But, there are plenty of them which are unimaginable but cannot be shared to commoner.

Achieving powers through meditation are actually depends on the scale of Spiritual consciousness. And, not everyone can have them.

1) Foresee future and past events (time travel), clairvoyance. This is the most common gift every conscious mind received through deep meditation.

Only a few people have it since their birth, because of their previous birth’s spiritual achievements. With this power one can have visions of future events, which always come true. If you want to see something or someone or some events in advance and that also can be seen.

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A few of the Yogis have powers to rewrite vision or dreams, because they always remain conscious even in their sleeps.

Regarding past events, that also can be seen.

2) Words won’t fail, also known as Basksiddha / Baksiddh. It is the power of words, where a Yogi or Yogin’s curse as well as blessings always comes true. This is a celestial boon and gifted by God as per Hindu beliefs. A small number of people have this quality since their birth, even it is been highlighted in their astrological charts. This supernatural power is available through satisfying a God or Goddess through deep meditation (Tapasya) with sacred rituals. Many of the renowned Yogis of India possess this, and only a fewer person have it in present time.

3) Curing disease of others or healing power. Through a sacred lifestyle with practice of deep meditation, belief and complete devotion to the creator or God can grant this extraordinary gift. In some cases people receive it in the process of Kundalini Awakening and 3rd Eye Activation or through Siddhi or Nirvana or enlightenment depending upon their respective quality of the consciousness. A meditator can heal a person by touching and with the use of the Prana or the internal energy rise and flow.
In different religion, you will find stories of people with similar skills.

4) Self healing, is a common gift a meditator receives through the practice of meditation. Usually, a ten to twenty minutes meditation practice on the regular basis cures many mental health issues from six to eight weeks. The majority of the human diseases can be healed with the application of Prana or inner energy from inside.

5) See through, is a rare gift and can be achieved through deep meditation. Usually, a Meditator with high level of consciousness can feel or see through mind eyes. However see through is not seeing things in a vault from outside rather see or realizing the presence of energy in another medium.

6) Longer life or slows down the ageing process. This is the rare gift, a meditator can achieve. Science now tries to find an answer to this phenomenon. With this gift a meditator can have longer life than usual.

Yogi Trailanga Swami better known as walking Shiva of Kashi (North India) was alive for 280 years, Yogi Loaknath of Bardi (now in Bangladesh) was alive for 160 years.
Yogi Totapuri, the Guru of Ramakrishna was alive for 123 years.

Even today you will find people practicing deep meditation have longer life than common people.

7) Immortality or Mrityuanjoy is a shield, with it a person cannot be killed or die is the rarest gift or boon a meditator can achieve it. The true stories revealed that with it, one could escape accidents, physical attacks, injuries, poisoning, and, etc.. You will always feel guarded after miraculously escape death.

If you have controlled and focused intuition, then you can avoid or escape anything with the use of both of the combined powers.

8) Reading someone’s mind, is a rare gift for meditators. It’s useful on many occasions. However this is not face reading rather mind reading.

9) Controlled intuition, or instinct is one of the common gift a meditator can get. You will be alerted wherever anyone thinking of you, or any incident going to happen with you or an event coming to your way. One who has the power of intuition can escape any incident or danger in advance.

10) Realization in the existence and communicate with the creator. When you attain spiritual consciousness through meditation then you will realise in the existence or the presence of a creator or God. However, the rarest gift is to communicate with the Lord. With this scared power a person talk to God in different circumstances and manage time and space. Many famous Indian Yogis was seen while communicating with their respective gods and goddesses. In few persons, this quality is dominant since birth, and they receive many miraculous favours in difficult situations.

11) Communicate with awaken minds, is the rarest gift a meditator can achieve. In Indian context, few Yogis possess such powers. It is used to send spiritual information and instructions.

12) Obtain knowledge and skills unknown to you, is a common gift a meditator can gain. You will find many skills known to you, which you did not learned or adopted earlier. Plus you will gain knowledge in subjects you are interested without a reading. Sometimes you will have a dream or vision with a clue to your interest. A few persons have this quality since their births.

Many of our scientific discoveries made possible involving dreams and as well as visions.

13) Power of wish is a rarest gift a person can get through meditation. Few people possess it from their birth because of their previous birth’s spiritual achievements. With this a meditator can change events, seek things, favour, attract and save people and etc.

14) Voice magnetism, is a skill can be developed using Yoga and meditation. It has a hypnosis effect on the listeners, sometimes they feel sleepy and can’t stick with their own judgement.

15) Power of creation, is the rarest gift or knowledge achieved through meditation practice. Indian Yogis had this, and they could have been given life (prandaan) to clay statues.
There are true stories of Indian Yogis performed this for various spiritual reasons.

16) Magnetism, can be developed through deep meditation. It makes huge changes to the appearance of the meditator. Changes take place in eyes, facial expressions and people effortlessly get attracted. Inner energy becomes so strong that his / her presence in the crowd can be determined very easily.

17) Development of a protecting shield or Raksha Kabaj around you which will protect you from any sort of negative energy, and black magic attacks. Alternatively simply speaking no one can harm you. If someone tries that will affect badly on them instead. etc.

18) Tele-portation is moving physically to one place to another without walking or running or riding. It’s the rarest gift that one meditator can achieve through deep meditation and consciousness.

When Yogi Shyama Charan Lahiri (Lahiri Mahashay) met Maha Avatar Babaji, then witnessed him to appear before him from nowhere. In different incident Yogi Trailanga Swami found appearing and disappearing in different locations physically.

19) Power of Destruction or Lord Shiva’s boon. It is a most rarest boon or gift available after having been satisfying Lord Shiva through deep meditation and consciousness. With this one, a Yogi can destroy anyone with mind power. In India once upon a time there were many Yogis had such capacities. Even today few Yogis can do this.

Lastly remember these powers are available for spiritual reasons and not to be used for personal profits.

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