Secrets of the Number Game

Number Game

The number always remain a mystery. Many of us see various numbers in our dreams or while we are awake, repeatedly. You will find people keep asking meaning of their numerical visions.

Every single number signifies something important. You can say a message from your destiny or God. It indicates vital information and events altogether.

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Sometimes it shows us the signature of the God. It represents a turning point, a rise or change in career, future, a foreign trip, a marriage, even a death. Also shows us about a life partner or a baby coming to our life. Often it represents a destiny of something. Or, Important astrological and astronomical events.

Numerology is the science or the method of finding meaning and researching of numbers. Many spiritual persons possess the capacity to understand them without a training.

Even sometimes you will find the essential clues of an event, a relationship, or a connection kept hidden in certain numbers.

However, everyone cannot have numerical visions. Usually, it appears to someone when he / she comes to the edge of an important event of their lives. If one able to determine the hidden meaning of the numbers, can escape or expedite major future problems or changes.

We all know about a major fight that was lost in recent times. Yes, I am talking about MH370, the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. I too volunteered for the online crash site search. During the searching, I looked at the numbers related with the lost aeroplane. Then I made a post, and mentioned that it could not be traced. What I found,


M is 13th alphabet

H is 8th alphabet

So, MH370 can be 138370

Out of 138, we find 3 and 8 represents March 8

And from 370 we find 7 which represents 2014

How 2014 becomes 7? It is 2+0+1+4= 7

The results are 8.03.2014, the date of disappearance.

MH370 is equal to 138370

If we break down the numbers without zero, we find 13837. If we sum up, it comes to 22.


Or, if we subtract 1 from 38, it comes 37


If we take 0 in count then the whole number will be zero.

So, from all directions MH370 is equal to zero.

After this disappearance event and searching when the flight could not be found. Then It was declared lost. Later, Malaysia Airlines omitted the MH series permanently.

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