OM, the imaginary 3rd Eye.

OM, is an eternal vibration for pinging the soul. To know this we have to start from very beginning. When few good men on their quest to know themselves, experienced the eternal light of Awakening.

They asked the light, who are you? It replied in vibration that OM or AUM or I am. The eternal light enlightened the spiritual consciousness and inspired them to design OM in a alphabet, where the dot and half carve denotes the imaginary third eye.

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When we meditate using 3rd Eye (the supreme Chakra of the Kundalini) then we ping the soul using the imaginary third eye in OM.

OM literally means ‘I am’, during the process of Awakening, a meditator achieve self realisation, multi dimension, portal openings and opens the access to cosmic knowledge. OM vibrates in the universe within and beyond, trigger the Prana the coiled latent energy raise to the Sahasrara Chakra and spread across. The brightest sun of the universe glows and drink up all the egos of the dark.

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