Onsite Program

8 Days Meditation & Yoga (Urban)

8 Days Meditation and Yoga program for freshers & beginners in urban settings.Here you will learn to meditate using Flin technique. Course includes 6 training cum practice sessions for meditation and yoga with offline, and online support.

8 Days Meditation Retreat (Nature)

8 Days Meditation retreat on sea beach, hill station, forest in India. You will learn to Meditate using Inner Reprograming Meditation technique. After course email and chat support will be provided.

Inner Reprograming Meditation (On-site for Locals)

1 month program for freshers & beginners. Here you will learn to meditate using Inner Reprograming Meditation. Course includes 8 training cum practice sessions with offline, and online support.

3rd Eye Meditation (Onsite)

Third eye is the gateway to universal knowledge, intuition, transformation.

1 month / 2 months onsite third eye meditation program has been designed for advanced level meditators. If you have done our “learn to Meditate” program then you are eligible.