Meditation Retreat

8 Days Meditation Retreat for wellbeing, spiritual consciousness and ultimate transformation

There is a single natural solution for anxiety, stress, fear, anger, depression, insomnia, immunity, memory, intuition, blood pressure, focusing, concentration, creative thinking, analysis, information processing, decision making, self improvement, personal development, etc.. Which is called Inner Reprograming Meditation. You can heal, cure, develop spiritual consciousness and transform in six to eight weeks.

One week (7 nights / 8 days) meditation retreat for freshers and beginners in nature. In this program you will learn to Meditate using Inner Reprograming technique. Curriculum will include:

  • Preparation
  • Observations
  • Imaging and remembering
  • Inner Reprograming techniques


  • Anxiety and stress relief
  • Better and Deep sleeping
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Controls Depression and anger
  • Reduce Blood pressure
  • Better intuition
  • Increase Concentration, focus, memory
  • Improves creative thinking, immunity
  • Helps in better information processing and analysis
  • Decision making
  • Self improvement
  • Spiritual Consciousness
  • Complete transformation

Course Material are available online, accessories with fourteen training cum practice sessions in meditation. After training private chat, and email support will be provided. Teaching will be provided to one to one or in group.

Course Packages:

In Retreat (Sea side / Hills / Forest )

8 days Meditation Retreat on Sea beach or hill station or forest. It will include 14 (fourteen) meditation teaching cum practice sessions by experienced Guru.


One week (7 nights / 8 days) will cost you US$1360 per person

One week (7 nights / 8 days) will cost you US$1100 per person (twin sharing)

Semi Luxury:

One week (7 nights / 8 days) will cost you US$2600 per person

Children sharing same accommodation will cost US$600 per person



(Accommodation, meals, transportation, excursions)

Cost of transfer in private air-conditioned & non air-conditioned vehicle. (Hilly region AC will not support)

It will be in solo or in group. Anytime you can do it, open all through the year. Accommodation in single or double sharing room. Vegetarian and non vegetarian food Indian style (morning tea, breakfast, lunch, evening snacks + tea, dinner and threes bottles of drinking water each day).

Excursions in group is also included.


  • Air fare (international/domestic), Airport departure tax from India,
  • Visa fees (compulsory: to be obtained from the Indian Consulate of your country of residence: passport valid 6 months after return date)
  • Personal expenses other than mentioned above, such as food, beverages, Ayurveda massages, & Spa, Laundry, telephone calls, tips, photography, and video fees, etc.
  • Any new taxes / fees imposed by the Government.
  • Any other thing not mentioned above as cost includes.


Joy, a mystic Yogi, an avatar of Lord Shiva a magical person and the inventor of Inner Reprograming Meditation.

He will teach you to heal, develop spiritual consciousness, and inspire you to transform your life.


It is an unique and easiest way to meditate, involves no breathing observations and counting or focusing or concentration. It involves only observation and remembering with wilful movement of inner energy to the level of consciousness.

Inner Reprograming Meditation will make you a powerful mind controller. You able to do anything using your mind power inside and outside.


We are teaching meditations for over twenty (20) years.

For teaching meditation, we use Flin system (Inner Reprograming Meditation). Developed by extensive research and analysis. It is the most user’s friendly method for achieving mind controlling, wellness, self healing, absolute consciousness, Pandora Box opening, and etc.

Meditation has numerous benefits available to you, only when you learn and practice it correctly. You will find many people explaining have zero benefits after practicing meditation.

Learning meditation is not that simple, as described by various netizens (if you google, you will find many articles like “meditation is simple”). During the exercise you will experience many things, face mental blocking, physical hazards, and many questions. If you do it without proper guidance then you may end up with troubles. Only a true teacher can guide you and give you right solutions.

We not only teach you once in few weeks, but will guide you as long as you will continue it. Help you solve your problems and questions through private one to one chat.