Self Healing | US$1200


Deep Meditation has an unique power in self healing. It can cure the mediator from chronic and, general pains, asthma, HIV, cancer, arthritis, poisoning and many diseases.

In this course you will learn following :

– Cleansing methods
– Deep Meditation 
– Healing Anatomy 
– Generation and control of Prana 
– Healing Techniques

In online program we will provide complete training through private one to one chat, and course material in PDF and etc. For onsite program cost of accommodation, meal, transportation, recreation shall be extra besides the course fees. Contact us for packages.

Eligibility: This is an advance level program in Deep Meditation. If you have done our online Meditation Course then you are eligible to do it. This program can be done online as well as onsite in India.

Why to learn Self Healing From Us?

We are teaching meditations for over twenty (20) years.

For teaching self healing meditation, we use different methods and techniques developed by us.

Deep Meditation grows a flow of energy (Prana) within the meditator, which can be used in curing of diseases, only when you learn various techniques associated with the healing and practice it correctly. You will find many people explaining have zero benefits after practicing meditation. This is because they have not learned the techniques correctly.

Learning meditation is not that simple, as described by various netizens (if you google, you will find many articles like “meditation is simple”). During the exercise you will experience many things, face mental blocking, physical hazards, and many questions. If you do it without proper guidance then you may end up with troubles. Only a true teacher can guide you and give you right solutions.

We not only teach you once in 30 days, but will guide you as long as you will continue it. Help you solve your problems and questions through private chat and email.