6 Sacred Rituals can make your Soul Purified

Soul Purification

Many of us face negative energies, enmity, curse, and different problems, which can make our life hell. This is the Karmic effect of our previous birth’s misdeeds. The almighty God has given us many things to carry on our lives on earth. Among them, few are considered sacred and we can use them to purify our souls.

Here with we introduce you to six sacred rituals that can purify your soul and transform your life. So many people used these methods and had positive results.

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To purify your soul you need to perform some sacred rituals every day without a fail or break for at least a month. If you do it for two to four months, then you will have a better effect.

Before we start, the mindset is the primary requirement for the exercise.
You need to clean jealousy, lust, anger, and hatred from mind. Don’t think of harm anyone, don’t involve in any sort of conspiracy against anyone. Don’t do any unlawful activities, otherwise it will fail to act.

1) Water a plant or small tree in your home. You can use any tree; however the following trees will have greater effects.

A) Tulsi (Basil) : The most sacred plant on the planet. A person who waters and cares for the Tulsi daily is believed to gain moksha (salvation).

B) Bot or Banyan Tree considered sacred in different cultures throughout the world.

C) Ashwattha or Peepal Tree or Bodhi tree considered sacred in three major religions of India. Gautama Buddha attained his enlightenment under a Ashwattha tree.

(If these trees mentioned above are not available in your home or locality, then you can use any tree of your choice instead. Remember for watering rituals you need to have a small tree or plant in your home, where you live. Tree based outside of your home will not help.)

Rituals: Pour water in hand and then on the tree, wash at least two leaves with your finger (don’t use gloves) and say OM NAMO (Tree Name) for once.

Then touch a big tree with your hand and say in silence (please pray for me)

(For touching rituals you can use any tree of your locality, park, etc.)

2) Distribute foods to birds, squirrels, dogs, cats around your home on a daily basis for at least a month.

3) Feed poor people at least once in a month. You can also contribute money for food to a charitable organization near you.

4) Help people, especially children in need at least once in a month. Children are considered angels of God as they have no sin.

5) In case you have committed any sort of crime and hiding it for long. Go to an open space and shout loud say (I made a mistake, please forgive me). If you confess for your fault or crime, then nearly eighty percent of your sin gets deleted.

6) Finally, you need to meditate for at least five minutes a day for the minimum a month. In case you don’t know how to do it, then simply pray to your God of any name and request to forgive you.

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