Awakening Meditation

Spiritual is all about spirit or soul. A soul enters into the leading sperm in journey to the egg. When sperm hits the egg then the soul gets into deep sleep and remain asleep till it gets liberated.

Awakening is the process of awake from the deep sleep of the soul. Meditation is the only exercise which triggers the process.

However, awakening is also happen in some odd cases as predestined.

Spiritual Awakening is a big event in the journey of spiritual consciousness.

Awakening Meditation is a specialised meditation technique, which triggers the awakening process.

Meditation is the exercise of mind. This meditation reprogram the brain and consciousness as well. Plus there are exercises, which triggers the awakening process.


  • Basic Meditation program
  • Brain and consciousness Reprograming
  • Awakening triggering exercises

It is an online course. All course material, including text, images, video, voice are available online. No need to download anything.

Course Fees

US$160 (Equivalent currency)

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It is an unique way of meditating, involves no breathing technique and focusing of thoughts. Only observe, remembering and wilful movement of inner energy to the levels of consciousness.

Flin Meditation is based on mind controlling variables. Reprogram your brain and consciousness for complete transformation.

A journey to transform yourself into a Super human. Showing up results in six to eight weeks.

It includes specialised exercises through meditation, which triggers the soul awakening.

Hundreds of people benefited


We are teaching meditations for over twenty (20) years.

For teaching meditation, we use Flin system. Developed by extensive research and analysis. It is the most user’s friendly method for achieving wellness, self healing, absolute consciousness, spirituality, Pandora Box opening, transformation and etc.

Meditation has numerous benefits available to you, only when you learn and practice it correctly from a Teacher or Guru. You will find many people explaining have zero benefits after practicing meditation.

Learning meditation is not that simple, as described by various netizens (if you google, you will find many articles as “meditation is simple”).

During the exercise you will experience many things, face mental blocking, physical hazards, and many questions. If you do it without proper guidance then you may end up with troubles. Only a true teacher can guide you and give you right solutions.

We not only teach you once in two weeks, but will guide you as long as you will continue it. Help you solve your problems and questions through private chat.

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