7 Secrets of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual literary means believing or exploring in the existence of inner you or self or soul or spirit and, etc. Awakening is awareness or awake from a sleep.

So if we are summing up then it become awareness of inner you or a time when the soul gets awake from a sleep. Or, a process where a soul differentiates itself from the outer body. Alternatively when the inner self initiates the self-exploration process.

It may occur in different circumstances, and situations, like through meditation, trauma, accident, near-death experience, during any creative activity, spiritual travel, even sometime it appears with dreams.

Ask your Spiritual Questions

This spiritual awakening makes you completely a new person, and it will be different from you was before.

1) It brings you an awareness or realization of self or inner you or soul and parallel existence of a spirit world from inside. You will try to explore more of your inner you. A self-judgement will take place, and you will assess your past life.

2) You will understand the life-and-death paradox and realize that death is not the end but the new beginning. You will not feel sad in the death of your dear one or friends like before.

3) Attachment with materialistic life and pleasure will decrease or fall and will not attract or interest you any longer. You will like or prefer to stay alone and carry on your new discovered (spiritual) lifestyle.

4) A level of consciousness will develop, and you will understand or realize or feel the existence of a creator or a God. You will begin your journey of believing that God beyond your religious faith.

5) You will understand the life around you, precisely speaking you will feel for the plants, animals, people under deep pain and sufferings. You will develop a new kind of relationships with them.

6) A sharp increase in your hypersensitivity. Your physical senses like hearing, touch, taste, smell, sight will be stronger. You will be able to hear sounds that you have not heard before, like spirit sound, budging sound, doorbell, and etc.. Which others will not hear from the same place. Your smelling power will develop so strong that you will be able to detect odour of things that can’t be smelled by others.

Simultaneously, your spiritual senses will also grow faster. Which are intuition, inspiration, emotion, imagination and beliefs. Your intuitions will start guiding you and you will follow them.

7) Your sleeping pattern will change, you will wake up a number of times during night and will have panic attacks when you will awake from sleep. You will feel tired every time you wake up, and this is normal.

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One thought on “7 Secrets of Spiritual Awakening

  1. This is a wonderfully, detailed blog. I think by far the biggest thing that’s changed for me is the amount of pain I now feel (which no newbie wants to hear). The deeper I get, the longer I’m on the path, the less addictions I cling to, all that’s left is pain. I would say this is by far the hardest part of the journey. What do you think?

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