12 Chakras and their spiritual nutrients

Gautama Buddha once told, ‘To keep the body in good health is a duty, for otherwise we shall not able to light the lamp of wisdom, and keep our mind strong and clear.’

Every food we eat has a spiritual and energetic effect on body, mind and spirit. In different religion only a few foods are considered forbidden. Food is the source of essential nutrients for the brain.

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The Neocortex is the part of the brain where Pineal gland reside. It secretes DMT, the spirit molecules that essentially allow us to feel connected to all living things. It is the part of the brain where enlightenment becomes possible. The correct supply of nutrients to Neocortex is essential for the enlightenment process.

Indian spiritual practitioners believe that Chakras are the spiritual power centers in human body.

You can strengthen a particular chakra by eating the spiritual foods and supplements that are energetically associated with it, provided you aren’t allergic to those foods and don’t go to extremes.

All foods carry frequency-based messages and have the ability to change our vibration, according to the principles of spiritual nutrition.

Later, you will find examples of chakra-based foods and supplements and the energetic messages they provide.

In alignment with the principles of spiritual nutrition, every food we eat has a vibration that effects us on an energetic-chakric level as well.

Here, take a look at the 12 chakras in combination with the guide below can help you get in tune with the subtle, spiritual energies of foods.

Chakra One
Spiritual Food Fuel: Red foods, such as meat, beets, grapes, strawberries, and cherries.
Spiritual Message: You deserve to be alive, safe, strong, and passionate.

Chakra Two
Spiritual Food Fuel: Orange foods, such as yams, salmon, sweet potatoes, papaya, and wheat.
Spiritual Message: Your feelings are good, desired, and desirable.

Chakra Three
Spiritual Food Fuel: Yellow foods, especially corn, also grapefruit and squashes.
Spiritual Message: You deserve success. You are intelligent. You can learn what you need to know.

Chakra Four
Spiritual Food Fuel: Green foods, such as vegetables and sauces.
Spiritual Message: You are loved and loveable. You deserve healthy relationships.

Chakra Five
Spiritual Food Fuel: Blue foods, such as berries, as well as all spices, which stimulate the mouth.
Spiritual Message: You can be honest and have integrity. You can manifest your needs. It is safe to communicate.

Chakra Six
Spiritual Food Fuel: Purple foods, such as grapes, and vision-inducing substances like wine, tobacco, and organic cocoa.
Spiritual Message: You are acceptable as you are. You are made in the Creator’s image. You deserve to make healthy choices.

Chakra Seven
Spiritual Food Fuel: White foods, such as parsnips, white asparagus, and fish; ceremonial substances like wormwood (used in absinthe), kava, salvia, wine and bread (as in communion); sacred herbs , including sage and lemongrass.
Spiritual Message: You have a unique destiny. You are connected to the Divine. There is divine destiny.

Chakra Eight
Spiritual Food Fuel: Black foods (carbon based), such as alcohol, coffee, white flour, and sugar; past-life foods of meaning (often the foods that trigger issues); also colloidal silver.
Spiritual Message: You can draw on the past for guidance and power. You deserve to be freed from the past. You can choose a new future.

Chakra Nine
Spiritual Food Fuel: Colloidal gold, bee pollen, honey; also foods symbolising your soul.
Spiritual Message: You are designed for greatness.

Chakra Ten
Spiritual Food Fuel: Earth foods: nuts, grains, potatoes, herbs, water.
Spiritual Message: Your body is the meeting ground between the Divine and nature.

Chakra Eleven
Spiritual Food Fuel: Vibrational substances such as homeopathic tinctures, teas, and blessed water.
Spiritual Message: Negativity can transmute into positivity.

Chakra Twelve
Spiritual Food Fuel: Minerals and vitamins; substances that benefit your unique Physiology.
Spiritual Message: You are fully human and fully devine.

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