Colour of Spirituality

Colour of Spirituality

Have you ever seen Indian Yogis? If yes, then probably you have seen them in saffron (close to orange, a mixture of yellow and red) costumes. Saffron is the traditional colour of the Indian spirituality and some sort of Hindu religion.

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The texture of morning sky, when the sun rises and the evening sky when the sun departed, becomes saffron, and it is the possible origin of the selection. It has a Vedic cultural influence, as the sun is considered one of the primary gods of the Vedic people. So, the colour brushed by the sun through its daily journeys on the natural canvas (sky) influenced the thought process for the costume colour.

However, the concept of spiritual science has identified completely different aspects in colour of Spirituality. Spirituality has a colour? Yes, it is not represented by a single colour but colours. Precisely speaking it has multiple colours, or unusual colour personalities for different people.

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Those colours are not governed by the sun rather by the Kundalini Chakras. We know the Chakras or the energy centres have different colours.

Base Chakra – Red, Sacral Chakra – Orange, Solar Plexus – Yellow, Heart Chakra – Green, Throat Chakra – Blue, Crown Chakra – Violet, Brow Chakra – Indigo, Chakra Eight – Purple,
Chakra Nine – White, Chakra Ten – Black, Chakra Eleven – Gold, Chakra Twelve – Brown.

Only a few people like or prefer or have a pre-selection of colours, and even they like to wear their preferred colour costumes. It actually represented by their dominant Chakras. Which is primary dominant Chakra, Secondary Dominant Chakra, Tertiary Dominant Chakra and so on. For example if someone likes blue, indigo, and red colour dresses, or foods, drinks, or wall texture, car then it resembles his / her dominant Chakras speaking their colours. Plus, you will find that person is some sort of spiritual entity knowing and unknowingly.

Even these colours represent their strength and capabilities. For example, Lord Shiva’s colour is purple blue, and it represents his strongest chakra, which is actually third eye and we all know that Mahadev’s 3rd eye is always open and active.

So a person like or prefer purple-blue colour, he or she must have an impact of third eye chakra and should have some sort of 3rd eye influenced qualities. Even he or she looks good, energetic, attractive and magnetic in their respective choice colours. It’s all because of the chakras, and those dominant colours also heal them first.

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