What is Spirituality?


Many believe it is all about alcohol (spirit), so a drinker is a spiritual. The word spiritual has derived from spirit or non material things like a soul. It is basically referred to a group of people believing or exploring in the existence of inner self or soul or spirit (here not alcohol). Sometimes it is also referred or linked with religion or religious beliefs.

Spirituality is actually the true identity of a person. It is the inner self or a window to express inner you. If you begin an inner quest to self-exploration, and at the end the destiny is the realization of the existence of a tiny body or a spirit.

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The spirituality is the process of knowing, accepting or believing in the existence of a soul or a spirit. A spiritual person, who not always believes in religion. So a non religious person can become spiritual.
Spirituality is always predestined. You won’t find a person who turned to spirituality. It has been observed that almost all the spiritual persons actually born with some sort of spiritual beliefs. Many people including religious believers don’t believe in spirituality. They think a spiritual person is basically a mentally ill. There are thousands of mental health cases where a spiritual person has been treated as sigofrenic. As a spiritual person, you may experience different feelings, which others (non spirituals) are not getting. It is better than not to share those with your close circle. They may misinterpreted and cause problems.

A spiritual person believes in the existence of soul or spirit and parallelly the God or creator. They also believe in reincarnation or rebirth and life and death paradox. Even many of them believe in spirits and ghost. They feel pain for all living creatures, including plants, and they are more sensitive to them. The spirituality is now a rising phenomenon, or you can say a new religion in making, and many spiritually religious people are turning to spirituality.

It also open the door to new opportunities and knowledge never before ventured, like travel, fashion, cuisine, healing, science and lifestyle.

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