Steven Spielberg’s “Back to the Future” reflects third eye vision aspect.

Third eye is the soul’s eye. It is not a physical eye. Soul does not possess a physical body. So it is called Sukkha Sarir or tiny body.

Soul’s body stands parallel to physical body, but slightly behind. Soul is very powerful while it is free. But the body is it’s boundary.

So, soul cannot do many activities as physical body do. Through spiritual awakening a soul wakes up.

In third eye activation soul’s eye actually gets activated. And it creates visions from the past, present and future.

Steven Spielberg’s 1985 film “Back to the Future” reflects third eye vision affects.

Where central character Marty travels back in time using an eccentric scientist’s time machine. However, he must make his high-school-aged parents fall in love in order to return to the present times.

In a sequence it was shown that Marty’s high-school-aged parents getting separated. Which leads to vanishing Marty’s existence in present time.

Third eye visions have similar effect to the movie. In a third-eye vision every aspect of the vision is very, very sensitive and important as well. If a vision fails then none of the vision elements shall come true.

There is no word called “partially” exist in third eye wisdom. Either it will completely turn to be true. Or, nothing shall be visible in materialistic reality at future.

Say, in a particular vision you have seen total six persons. Four adults and two kids. And during the vision two kids were yet to be born.

In a wired case, if anyone pressurize someone pull out from that vision clip seen. Then many of the future elements shall fail to appear in future as predicted.

Then the boy, if he is already born in the present time as seen in the vision clip. Automatically he shall disappear before the time of the event occurrence in the future momentum.

So, to keep the boy in future reality. One must allow that particular person in, instead of forcing him or her out.

It is a negative effect or aspect of third eye vision. And it can destroy anyone, if it fails to match a particular future event according to the vision clip seen.

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