Secrets of third eye visions

Third Eye Visions

The third eye is called ‘Trinayan’ (tri refers third, Nayan represents eye). The activator (who has activated) is known as ‘Trikal Gyaani’ (knows past, present and future) or ‘Trikalagga’.

Third eye is called the Eye of Lord Shiva, and it represents his spiritual wisdom. It has numerous powers. Which includes visions from past and future, universal knowledge, power of destruction, portals and dimensions opening, enhanced intuition, rectification or alteration of future events.

People who attempted third eye opening have experience euphoria and illusion. See demonic creatures, ghost and etc. The reasons for these types of visions are improper techniques been applied for activation. Third eye meditation should be learned from a teacher or guru.

A person who has opened his or her third eye through 3rd Eye meditation, able to see things what he / she wanted to see. These visions come in form of dreams or meditative thoughts. It appears like a movie playing before eyes.

However, such a person usually sees only a few numbers of dreams, not plenty like an ordinary person has. Majority of which are considered realistic. Among those practical dreams few are treated as similar category dreams. You can term them as optional dreams (either, or). So, the future events hidden behind the probability of dream choices.

Here, the intuitive power plays a major role for detecting the choice. Furthermore the dream mechanics help to identify the future events accurately.

Precisely speaking, if you have seen two dreams on your future relationship. Then how you will identify the correct one?

Not only, your intuition will tell you. Further more you have to look into the dreams carefully and vividly. Besides the dream, events look around, watch the dream scene carefully. Surroundings, physical objects and place of occurrence. Now make analysis of all your observations. What are more relevant, realistic and known to you, shall be taken as the appropriate choice. Another aspect impacts your decision. Which will be the continuing dreams of the event.

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