14 Secrets of 3rd Eye one should know

Third eye

The hindu supreme God Lord Shiva is popular for his Tri-Nayan or Tri-Netra or third eye, and it symbolizes his spiritual wisdom and power of destruction. Shiva’s third eye is so powerful that it can turn anything into ‘Bhasma’ or ashes. Likewise, Lord Shiva other two supreme Gods Bishnu and Bramha also have third eyes. Goddess Durga as well as the Goddess of power or Shakti Kali has third eyes on the forehead too.

Secrets of Third Eye one should know

1) As per Hindu spiritual philosophy “Ajna” (The Sanskrit Name, means command and perceiving) or the fifth Chakra which is close to Pineal gland (Pineal gland is not third-eye) located at the same level of the physical eyes, and it is part of the Kundalini Chakra system. They believe it, as the possible seat of the soul and its development for absolute spiritual consciousness or enlightenment.


2) The third eye is referred as the inner eye or mind eye or a virtual eye to look inside, located in the center / middle of two eye brows. It’s the gateway to the universe inside and beyond.

3) Physiology
Pineal gland is an endocrine gland is located in Neocortex of the brain. It’s responsible for the production and release of DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) a serotonergic hallucinogen known as spirit molecules that essentially allow us to feel connected to all living things, (it is a hypothesis and not proved yet) and Entheogen (Psychoactive substance, which influences spiritual experiences).

However, in reality the Pineal gland is responsible for producing and secretion of Melatonin hormone, which regulate sleep and wake cycles and sexuality. Darkness regulates its functionality and hormone production.

4) The color of Ajna Chakra is indigo, the combination of deep blue and violet. These colours can heal and develop it and boost energy flow.

5) Third Eye is the most important (Primary) Chakra of the Kundalini system. Its activation can raise the Kundalini energy. It is being activated using 3rd eye meditation. There are various methods for activation. It’s Mantra is OM, where in Alphabet, the dot and the half carve denotes the imaginary 3rd eye.

6) Once the third eye gets activated, one can foresee future and past events with clarity, like a movie playing in front. It brings clairvoyance as a gift to the activator. These visions come in dreams or during the meditation or concentration.

Those are advanced third eye meditator they have meaningful visions and dreams, whereas the other sees mostly lucid dreams with deep hidden meaning.

In some cases few people have found to possess the power to foresee future since their birth. In fact, their third eye is considered partially opened because of their spiritual achievements from previous births.

7) When activated, a Meditator experience the rise of the brightest sun of the universe spreading the coolest light or fires all across the universe inside and beyond. It feels the greatest happiness of the cosmos and one who feels it, get addicted.

8) Visions come from past and future events. A meditator see odd things, demon looking creature, ghost, etc. causing psychological imbalance in the mind which may lead to critical mental illness and fear.

9) Third Eye opens multiple dimensions and portals, which are unknown to mankind and beyond human imagination. Typically, a few new senses developed which are unimaginable and mystical in nature like sixth sense. The meditator experience many unexplainable and super natural events.

10) Higher level of intuition develops, which make the activator always alert in advance of a danger and event. It’s a basic instinct and so powerful that it will let the person aware of anything or anyone involving him or her.

11) Gain the access of universal knowledge and skills unknown to the meditator without a reading or learning. After this activation in skill level, you will be treated as an expert. It develops an advanced-level learning and adaptation skill in the activator.

12) It develops a visionary skill, the activator able to see things in multiple dimensions.

13) After long practice and rituals engaging with third eye, one can obtain the power of destruction like Lord Shiva. It is basically the mind power, which is so strong that can kill or destroy anything in the universe.

14) There are many disadvantages of third eye activation.

During the meditation, one can hurt self by headache, stabbing pain on forehead and in the centre top of the head, and both the sides beside ears, cause vomiting tendencies, itching in eyes and hallucinations.

It pushed the activator to stay alone and sometimes affect in employment continuity or a job change is almost inevitable, which may lead to a substantial financial crisis. If you are a family person and have kids, then don’t go for the activation because it can bring devastation to your family.

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