Is Time Travel Real?

Time Travel

Time Travel is a movement between points of time and space. It is a widely-recognised idea in philosophy and fiction. The concept evolved from the popular 1895 novel The Time Machine by H. G. Wells. In reality it is not possible with existing human technology.

We have heard about Edgar Cayce ‘The sleeping prophet’, was an American clairvoyant. Who predicted future events with accuracy.
Also we read The Bible records, where many prophecies that have been fulfilled. In Hinduism we have learnt about many prophets, and fulfillment of their prophecies.

Prophecy is a vision or message that is claimed by a prophet to have been communicated to them by a God.

In different parts of the world, we have heard stories about people who predicted future accurately. Even you will also find many ordinary people around you, who forsee future events of personal nature.

Now in reality, the question is, when we do not had or have any such technology to see future or past, then how these fellows predicted future events so accurately?

Yes, the answer is super natural power. He /she who possess this, can predict future events with great accuracy.

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Once Gautama Buddha told that, nothing is lost in our universe and not even a single vision.

The scientific Hypothesis:

What we see is getting recorded in our brain memory section as vision clips. Adding up of these vision clips together and form a vision capsule.
All living things in the universe are typical bio computers, and connected or networked with a super computer.

Which is keeping records of good as well as bad Karmas (The legendary record books of Chitragupta, a Hindu belief). Our Pineal gland is basically a trans-receiver, which automatically upload and download information, programs, knowledge, instructions, messages and etc. in our unconscious, subconscious and conscious state of mind.

In many occasions, we like to hide many things from many, but in reality nothing is hidden from the super computer.

So, the vision capsules that have been created in our brains, get uploaded and stored in the super computer on daily basis. It is a continuous process of data storing from the beginning of time.

So far, we have discussed about how vision capsules get stored in the super computer.

Now the big question is, how someone see the future vision capsules in their respective present time parameter?

How it is possible to see something in the future at present time?

Time is moving in a circle is called Time Wheel. So if you put a centre to the circle, subsequently you can draw lines from point to point. If one point is beginning, then another will be the end, and the middle points can be termed as time in between. Sometimes in a circle, you will find two points in parallel position means side by side. Here present and future move parallel to each other, but in opposite directions. If we are able to draw a circular line between two points in the circle, then we can also draw a straight line between two parallel points.

Check out the example diagram of a time wheel, where you will find a circle with seven blocks, and each block is represented by a number. If you draw a circular line from number 1 to 3, where 1 will be the beginning and 3, the end. 2 denote a time in between 1 & 3.

Look at the picture carefully, and you will find that 1 is positioned in opposite of 4 and 2 seats opposite to 5 & 6, plus slightly opposite to 4 & 7. We are able to draw straight lines between these points across the circle centre.

Time moves in steady motion, so linking between time verticals may possible sometimes.

Perhaps, the super computer has some kind of restrictions for accessing.

Only the enlightened mind, who reaches the peak of awakening, have the key to access these vision capsules from the parallel time momentum.

They can see it because they are beyond of all earthly feelings, plus their minds able to focus and venture the unknown.

They able to see this in subconscious mind (in dreams) or during meditations. Watching future and past events are considered as a celestial quality of the God. Only a higher level awakened Yogi can have it.

Sometimes these awaken persons make important prophesies, predict future and past events accurately. This is actually called time travel.

Meditation is the key to enabling the future and past visions. If you want to activate this supernatural power (knowledge), then learn meditation from a proper Teacher. May be you can have it and solve many of your problems.

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