How 3rd Eye can transform your life?

Transform your life

Third Eye, the concept was originated from the Hindu mystical God, Lord Shiva. He possesses 3rd eye as seen in almost every stone statue found in ancient India. As of Hindu beliefs, his third eye is known as “Trinetra, ” which made him “Trikalagga” or “Trikaldarshi” means who sees all the time verticals. It is called the eye of spiritual wisdom. Shiva possessed the unimaginable power of destruction through his third eye. He was able to turn things into ashes.

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Third-eye opening is considered equivalent to an enlightenment in different spiritual traditions. Its activation brings super natural powers, which are as follows:

Clairvoyance: Seeing events in advance, which happens accurately in the future. And make prophecies.

Intuitions: Getting senses of anything about you, from any point of the universe.

Accessing Universal Knowledge: You will have universal knowledge, not known to you before.

Adaptation of Skills: You will be able to adopt a skill by just watching. Perform any unknown skill without a knowledge or training.

Portal and dimension openings: Multiple dimensions and portals will open for you, and you are able to see things or feel events which others cannot see or feel.

Telepathy: You are able to communicate with anyone you want telepathically.

Telepathic Visions: Even you can see things with telepathic receptor’s eyes.
Besides above there are other powers as well.

Using these powers you can do many things, which will transform your life. Before going ahead you should remember that you need to be in correct path and not to harm others, otherwise it will not work for you.

Usually, what you are seeing in your dream, that is actually hidden in your destiny. You will not succeed always, as the destiny will stand before you. Remember the phrase “Man makes his own destiny,” don’t get disappointed, try to make it happen, and you will win.

Foreseeing designated events, will make you aware that what is going to happen in near or far future. You can change things or cheat the future occurence to act in your ways.

For example, you have seen a close relative will be going to die. Everyone who has born will die, and that is normal. Even so, if the particular death is a matter to you then you can cheat.

Remember the death scene, the place, time and people. Time you cannot change, but your intuition will make you aware of the correct timing of the event. Make changes to the place, people and things are under your control. The result, the death will not happen (even a critical patient will escape death).

You may think is this right or wrong? Remember out of millions, only a few will get this power, of course not just to get delighted or for fun play, but this power is given to use them for good causes of spiritual importance.

You will see things that are concerned or related to your spiritual well being or development. Many have opened shops to use it to have monetary benefits are totally wrong and forbidden.

One can see the personal future like education, career, achievements, finances, assets, faults, crimes, enemies, relationships and almost everything you want to see. Same principle you need to apply to change the course of your life.

So many people claim that they have experience demonic creatures, abnormal things after opening up their third eyes. It happens due to the improper attempt to opening or activation. 3rd eye requires third eye meditation and the guidance of a Teacher or Guru.

Like to add that telepathic visions are being used by various intelligence agencies, and the pioneer was the CIA. One can use it for personal reasons for betterment and good causes.

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