What is reincarnation?

What is reincarnation

For hundreds of years, people always asked for reincarnation? Is this real or just a myth? This paradox propagates a popular question on the existence of soul in the mind of many. Modern science neither believes in the existence of soul nor the reincarnation.

In last two centuries, scientific development has reached its peak and the claims for existence of soul, and the concept of the reincarnation becomes weak. Still few people ask to know the truth in soul and reincarnations.

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Ancient texts of different religions of the world claim soul exist, and the reincarnations happen. Soul refers as the eternal inner self, which takes new bodies in their respective births, like changing of clothes. That phenomenon is known as Reincarnation.

It was really tough for the claimers, to establish a proof of the theory until now. Example of rebirth of people remembered their previous birth’s relationship and incidents probably the best facts to establish the claim.

This article reveals two authentic rebirth incidents, where both person recount their previous birth’s events accurately, and, which was linked with two world-renowned celebrated personalities.

The first story began with the Father of the Nation (India) Mr. Mahatma Gandhi. He heard of a Shanti Devi of Delhi then a six years-old child claimed to be Lugdi Devi of Mathura in her previous birth. At the age of four, she claimed that she was in Mathura, had a husband named Kedar Nath, and she was died due to a road accident after giving birth of a son. Her school headmaster located a cloth merchant named Kedar Nath in Mathura.

Who had lost his wife, Lugdi Devi, nine years earlier, ten days after having given birth to a son.
Kedar Nath accompanied the headmaster and pretending as his brother but Shanti Devi immediately identified him as Kedar Nath and Lugdi Devi’s son. As she knew several details of Kedar Nath’s life with his wife, he was soon convinced that Shanti Devi was indeed the rebirth of his dead wife.

Mr. Gandhi brought that girl and set up an investigation commission. The commission took Shanti Devi to Kedar Nath’s place for further investigation on 15 th November 1935. There she recognised several family members and the grandfather of Lugdi Devi. Furthermore she talked about some hidden conversation between Lugdi Devi and her husband Kedar Nath. The commission’s report confirmed Shanti Devi a reincarnation of Lugdi Devi.

The second story began with a three and half years-old child Prabhu, who was born in Selimpore village belongs to the Princely state of Bharatpur under the British Raj. One day, he started talking of his previous birth. He told that he was Gurbox, a Brahmin priest worked for a landlord family in Hathori village located inside a fortress of Rajasthan. Prabhu provided details of his previous birth’s place, family and brothers references.

On hearing about him, King of Bharatpur Maharaja Kishan Singh brought Prabhu to his Palace for an examination. After being satisfied with him, he set up an investigation committee under Raibahadur Shayam Sundar Lal for further inquiry. Prabhu told he had placed five old coins deep inside the ground in front of his previous birth’s haveli (home). Those coins were unearthed by the King and his people.

Dr. Hemendranath Banerjee a parapsychologist at Rajasthan University in Jodhpur, documented research on Prabhu, and published a paper on reincarnation while he was in Rajasthan. He was one of the founder members of the Calcutta Parapsycological society. Satyajit Ray, the renowned and celebrated film director, writer, screen writer, graphic designer, who won an Academy Honorary Award in 1991. He was the member of that society too. Dr. Banerjee’s published work sparked off Ray’s story “Sonar Kella“ or” Golden Fortress, ” which he turned into a classic Children’s film.

There are thousands of rebirth cases identified all over the world where the people able to remembered incidents from their previous births. These may be the best proof of soul and their reincarnations.

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