Why will you Meditate?

Reason to meditation

This is the biggest question in the world of meditation, spirituality, and wellness. To answer this question we try to set few goals, which will find the exact reasons to meditate.

Why we gym? because we intend to increase and flex muscles, make our body beautiful, increase strength and etc.. So there is a goal ahead of us, which make us to gym.

Similarly meditation is also an exercise of mind and there must be some kind of goals. Let us look into different dimensions, to find goals.

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Meditation was originated in ancient India, and it has over 5000 years of history. The Pashupati Seal is a steatite seal that was discovered at the Mohenjo-daro archaeological site of the Indus Valley civilization in Indian subcontinent. Where a figure of Pashupati (beast master) had been seen in meditative or yoga pose. This is probably the best possible proof that meditation was practiced in India since ancient past.

Let us look into the past to know why people meditated?

In antiquity of pre Vedic era we found that people used deep meditation or Tapasya to achieve mystical Powers and celestial weaponry from the Gods and Goddesses. In Indian mythology there are numerous stories of people, avatars, asurs and rakshas (demon) performed deep meditation or Tapasya to obtain mystical powers in the form of boons and celestial weapons from their respective deities.
Even there are stories, that they have used their mystical powers in their later births. The concept of obtaining boons through deep meditation or Tapasya is now lost in time.

In historical and religion records from the Vedic era we have seen sages used deep meditation or Tapasya to obtain param bramha or absolute or ultimate spiritual consciousness. There have stories of sages used multiple births to achieve this.

In the modern times, science has identified several health and wellness benefits in meditation. Now general people, commoner and patients are learning and practicing meditation for healing purposes.

So, from these we figure out three primary goals of meditation. Which are obtaining boons, achieving absolute consciousness, and healing. These may be the perfect reasons to practice meditation.
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