Why Indians don’t cross the path of an enlightened Yogi.

India is a spiritual land for centuries, has many true and authentic stories of legendary sages, saints, and avatars (demi-god) with mystical or super natural powers.

We have identified nineteen mystical powers of avatars and sages known to mankind. With these miraculous celestial powers, they are treated as parallel to the God. Here, we will describe them to you one by one.

Baksiddha or Baksidh (whose words never fail)

In different periods of human history, Yogis or Sadhaks or Sages or Avatars (demi-god) performed vigorous Sadhana (meditation) and tantric rituals to satisfy their respective Gods and Goddesses of worship.

On getting pleased with their prayers and devotion, they were granted various super natural and miraculous powers. These powers, only can be comparable to the power of the God. Sometimes a yogi/yogin born with such a special gifts, achieved in one of his and her previous enlightened birth.

While, after having a sadhana (deep meditation) they are able to unlock those powers in their respective later births. What you will gain will never be lost, only you can forget in time. All gifts you gained in your previous lives are stored in a Pandora Box of Knowledge.

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Baksiddha is a power of words, which never fails. Bak refers a sentence means a set of words, and siddha has derived from the word Siddhi or enlightenment. If we are summing up together, then it come to “words of enlightenment” or “Baksiddha” or “Baksiddh”.

To obtain these one needed a vigorous Sadhana or Deep Meditation to Goddesses of Power or Shakti with a scared ritual in a sacred cremation ground in an auspicious day. One willing to perform this need a Sadhak or Sage of a high caliber as teacher or Guru, he / she will provide the Biz Mantra (sacred words) and rules of the ritual. After the enlightenment, the meditator or Sadhak receives a mystical boon, that his words will never fail.
In Indian spiritual history, there are a number of Sadhaks or Sages who obtained this gift from the supreme Lord.

Their words are so powerful that a curse made by them, can destroy even a God, a country and the whole world. There are many of Indian families have authentic stories of facing such a Sage (yogi/yogin). Their devastating words had destroyed many kingdoms and ruined many families for generations.

A good word from them is as good as a bless, can make poor to King, a fool to be intelligent. Even can change time and space.

For this reason, Indians always fears the Sadhaks and Saints with such mystical powers. They don’t cross their path and make them anger as well.

Now in Kaliyug, it is a difficult job to find out a true baksiddha with unimaginable power of words. You may find one out of millions.

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